Martin Dosh is probably not a name most people are familiar with. He may be most well-known in connection with Andrew Bird, often co-collaborating with Bird and playing in his live band. However, Martin Dosh is also a solo artist who goes simply by, Dosh. When performing solo, Dosh is essentially a one man band playing mostly instrumental music.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to see him live for a second time and as I expected it was a sight to behold. That particular night he was playing The Whole and was set up on one side of the stage surrounded by his signature drum kit and Fender Rhodes electric piano. He also had a small sound board, a few electronic gizmos, a small synthesiser and a variety of pedals for looping, sampling and effects. And this is how Dosh creates music. He sits at his little station on stage and pieces together his songs from the bottom up, weaving and layering sounds along the way. It’s amazing to see someone do this on stage completely in their element, completely focused. There is so much for him to keep track of include mixing live on stage, but it doesn’t see to phase him. He’s like wizard in a way, working his magic as we the audience watch and listen, in awe. The result is a  mix of sounds and genres ranging from electronic, jazz, rock, dance and ambient. Dosh is easily in my top five best live acts of all time. He plays fairly often around the Twin Cities so if you get a chance I hight recommend checking him out. Here is a video to give you a little taste of what he does. In this video he’s playing with saxophone and bass guitar extraordinaire Michael Lewis. Enjoy!   

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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