Any Day Now

I’m hoping to have a new Music Monday blog post all ready to go for next week, but in the mean time I wanted to write a little bit about an unborn baby whose father I will be.

From the time my wife Rachel and I first learned she was pregnant until a few months ago I was primarily thinking about parenting and specifically how to be a good father. I’ve known ever since I was very young, that whenever I had kids, I wanted to be the best possible father I could be. The thought of being a parent is a scary one, especially when you have really high expectations for yourself. I didn’t think it would be something I would be able to shake, but recently my focus has changed.

We are literally in the final days of Rachel’s pregnancy and I haven’t really thought much about being a good father, at least in a broad long-term sense. Obviously it’s something I still strive for and I’m sure once the baby is here we’ll have many parenting decisions to make and discussions to have. But now my focus has been on Rachel and being completely supportive of her and her birthing preparations. She’s planning to do a natural birth so there are a lot more things to think about and prepare for. Along those same lines I’ve been thinking about the birth itself. This will be our first child and when it comes to birth you really don’t know specifically what’s going to happen or even when it will happen. Then, I’ve been thinking about the baby. The weird thing about having a baby is that one day they’re not here and the next day they are. We’ll have a tiny person coming home to live with us. It’s pretty wild! We don’t even know what he’ll look like. It’s such a mysterious miraculous part of life. I’ve also thought about what the day-to-day will be like with him around and how to take care of him and now that I think of it these are all the beginning stages of parenting. So even though the focus of my thoughts have changed I supposed they are still related to striving to be a good parent. I think perhaps I’m less scared about it now too. I know I don’t have to do it alone and I’m so excited to meet our little boy.

2 thoughts on “Any Day Now

  1. Funny you should mention a manual for being a dad. Another dad and I have a blog about being dads. While it won’t be helpful, you pick up some life experience from us. Congrats!

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