Rebranding… or something like that

Blogs are hard I must say. I had another blog, that technically still exists, called A Wood Between the Worlds. It was just sort of a mishmash of whatever I felt like writing about. Then I decided I wanted to create a blog that was strictly dedicated to music, thus Reckless Abandon was born. However, I found as much as I love music, it is difficult for me to write about it. With that said, I’ve decided to go back to the mishmash format of my first blog. I’ll still write about music from time to time, but I’m going to start writing about other things as well. My original thought with Reckless Abandon was the idea of living life with reckless abandon, as in living life to it’s fullest, taking risks, stepping out your comfort zone, which provides for wide range of things to write about.  Some topics I might cover are faith, food, friends, family (the 4 F’s… I just made that up) random thoughts that pop into my head and maybe a few complaints and rants here and there. Also, my wife Rachel and I are expecting our first child this May, so I’m sure I’ll be writing plenty about that. Hopefully I’m able to maintain some consistency this time around. I guess time will tell. Thanks for reading.


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