Summer Things I’m Looking Forward To

Green, warmth, eating outside, grilling, biking, running, Aquatennial fireworks, outdoor concerts, free concerts, farms, pizza farm, gardening, camping, cabins, mowing the lawn, thunderstorms, outdoor baseball, summer party at the north house, farmers market, sunsets, lakes, the many bike/walking paths/trails in our fair city, picnics, ice cream, fish tacos, summer blockbusters (iron man 2 specifically), roasting marshmallows, enjoying all the aforementioned items with my wife and good friends.


Check Out Birdy Blue Design!

This isn’t a music related post, but one I’m really excited about none-the-less. My wonderful and amazingly talented wife has launched her new design website/blog today. She does costome print design as well as personalized pre-made designs. She’s put in a lot of work leading up to this lauch and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Please join me in celebrating the launch of Birdy Blue Design!