Live Music in the Twin Cities

After the holiday lull live music is back in full force here in the Twin Cities.  Here are a few shows I’m exited about:

Vampire Weekend at First Avenue – March 22nd –  7pm

I haven’t seen Vampire Weekend live before and I probably won’t be able to make it to this show because of too many other good shows I’ll be attending.  But I’ve heard they put on a great show, so if your a fan and willing to shell out $27.50, I’m sure it will be well worth it.  Get tickets fast because this could sell out any day!

Passion Pit at First Avenue – April 4th – 8pm

I really want to go to this show since I missed them last time they were town.  Tickets are only $15.75 so I might be able to fit it into my budget.  This show is going to be another hot one, so get tickets right now… seriously!

Manchester Orchestra at The Varsity Theater – March 21 – 5pm

This will be the sixth time I’ve seen Manchester Orchestra, if that’s an indication of how good they are live.  Tickets go on sale 1/21 and they only cost $14!  Is there any reason not to go?

Copeland at The Varsity Theater – March 15 – 5pm

This is Copeland’s farewell tour… it’s a real bummer they’re calling it quits but I’m glad I’ll be able to see them one last time.  If you’re a fan of Copeland this is it, it’s your last chance to see this wonderful band, live.  The show is only $15 and The Varsity is perfect venue for what will be a bitter sweet evening.

Japandroids at the 7th Street Entry – April 10th – 9pm

Japandroids are an up and coming garage rock band who have been getting a lot of buzz as of late.  Their new album Post Nothing is a lot of fun and the Entry is a perfect fit for their style of music.  It will be cool to see them play there as I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re playing the mainroom.  Tickets are only $10!

Tegan and Sara at The Orpheum – March 24 – 7:30pm

Tickets went on sale for this show a long stinking time ago, so I’m sure there aren’t many great seats left, especially for what you’ll be paying.  But if you a big fan, it might be worth it.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll win tickets… some how.

Chris Koza – the 7th Street Entry – February 5th – 8pm

Koza is a great local artist and always puts on a great show!  For $8, what do have to lose.

Other notable shows:

David Bazan at The Turf Club – April 5th – 8pm

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at First Avenue – March 27 – 6pm

Ted Leo and The Pharmacists at First Avenue – March 15th – 7:30pm

If you’re a fan of music I challenge you to go out and see some shows this year!  Touring is one of the primary ways bands make money these days and often it doesn’t cost that much more than going to a movie.  Also, the Twin Cities has a great music scene with great venues and we’re always getting excellent national tours coming through.  If you’re looking for tickets I recommend getting them directly from the venue to avoid ticketmaster’s barrage of fees.  If that isn’t convenient for you, you can usually get tickets for most shows around town at the Electric Fetus.  So get out there and support the bands you love, or check out some new music, you won’t regret it!

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