Beatles Project 2010

As most people know, The Beatles had a big year in 2009.  They released two box sets and effectively reached a new generation by releasing the video game “The Beatles: Rock Band.”  What I was most excited about was the stereo box set which features The Beatles’ 14 studio albums plus the Past Masters collection, all newly remastered for the first time.  I’ve had about 90% of The Beatles’ catalog for the past ten years but only in a digital format.  I’ve always wanted to get the physical copies of their albums and when I found out I could get them all in one fell swoop, I was thrilled.  Unfortunately, the box set is a little out of my price range at this time, but the good news is, they are also selling all of the newly remastered albums individually.  With that said, I’ve decided, over the next year I’m going to collect all 14 studio albums and track my progress here at Reckless Abandon.  I’m going to begin this project with a story about how I became a fan and then I’ll be giving reviews and commentaries of each albums as I get them.  This will all of course will be intermixed with Reckless Abandon’s usual musically offerings and projects I have planned for the upcoming year.  Thanks for stopping by and check back for new post coming soon!


2 thoughts on “Beatles Project 2010

  1. All Songs Considered aired a GREAT show all about the Beatles remasters. If you haven’t heard it, you should download the podcast. Boilen has a Beatles expert break down extremely subtle differences between mixes and digs out some really cool gems from deep in the background of the recordings.

    Also, I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the albums and I have been coveting the boxset ever since it’s release as well!

    • Hey Peter, thanks for letting me know about that podcast. I listened to it yesterday. That guy had some really great insight. I thought it was particularly interesting how he thought Sgt. Pepper sounds best in mono.

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