My Top 25 Favorite Albums of the Decade – 4!

Mean Everything to Nothing by Manchester Orchestra

Bands are often faced with a lot of pressure when recording a follow to a highly successful debut and in many cases the pressure is too much resulting in the dreaded sophomore slump.  Manchester Orchestra on the other hand, crushed any expectations people had of them by releasing one of the best albums of 2009.  One of the best things about these guys is their live show, which is captivating and chalk full of energy.  By recording much of Mean Everything to Nothing live they were really able to capture their on stage sound.  This album is nothing if not a rock album with a little southern flare thrown in for good measure.  The guitar licks are to die for and will have your heart racing within the first few minutes.    Singer Andy Hull’s vocals are raw only when they aren’t explosive and convey his emotions with excellence.  This album also has it’s quite moments, as well as some nice pop flourishes, which give a nice contrast to its overall aggressive nature.  Manchester Orchestra is one of the best bands of the later half of this decade and I wouldn’t be surprised if one of their future releases becomes a favorite of mine in the next.

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