My Top 25 Favorite Albums of the Decade – 8!

How To Start a Fire by Further Seems Forever

Further Seems Forever began their career with the album The Moon is Down fronted by Chris Carrabba, who would end up leaving the band after recording to pursue his solo project, Dashboard Confessional.  The band quickly recruited Minneapolis native Jason Gleason to fill the vacant role, and with Gleason at the helm they recorded the brilliant How To Start a Fire two years later.

It took me a while to really get into How To Start a Fire, but as my musical tastes matured, I realized how amazing it was.  What stands out the most about Further Seems Forever’s music is the guitars.  Their style of guitar playing is unlike anything I’ve heard.  It’s often so complex you simply lose yourself in it.  At times the sound is driving and aggressive and other times they ease it back creating a jazzy, almost dreamlike vibe.  The drums are also particularly good and complement the guitars perfectly.  Then there is Jason Gleason.  This guy is by far one of the best vocalist out there.  His range is incredible and he uses to it’s full extent on this album.  Gleason is also an incredible lyricist.  He writes in a stream of consciousness style that is poetic.  One of the most interesting tracks on the album is a song called “I Am” which seems to be written from the perspective of God.

Sadly, like Chris Carrabba, Jason Gleason would also end up leaving the band after recording just one album.  The band ended up recruiting a third singer and recording a third album with mediocre results.  Ultimately Further Seems Forever split and faded into obscurity, but I’m thankful for what they gave us while they were around, especially for How To Star a Fire.

One thought on “My Top 25 Favorite Albums of the Decade – 8!

  1. Nice pick. This really was an amazing album. I didn’t love it when it first came out, but the album has continually grown on me. Gleason is an amazing vocalist and the best voice FSF had.

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