My Top 25 Favorite Albums of the Decade – 9!

The Eventually Home by Right Away, Great Captain!

Right Away, Great Captain! is a three-part story told by Manchester Orchestra frontman, Andy Hull.  The Eventually Home is part two of the story in which we find the protagonist, a 17th century sailor, on his way home to confront his unfaithful wife, after years at sea.  Thematically the story may also serve as an allegory for what it’s like to be in a band, spending much of your time out on the road, only to come home unsure who you are and of those you left behind.  This all goes to demonstrate Hull’s amazing abilities as a song writer.  He puts the listener in the head of the sailor, giving you a strong sense of the emotions being expressed.  Musically The Eventually Home has a very folksy feel to it, complementing the lyrics perfectly.  On a number songs Hull’s voice and guitar are accompanied by a piano that is just beautiful.  Simply put, this album is a fine work of song writing, musicianship and production.  It is also one of the best concept albums I’ve heard.

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