My Top 25 Favorite Albums of the Decade – 16

Please Come Home by Dustin Kensrue

Most days you’ll find Dustin Kensrue fronting the post-hardcore/experimental rock band Thrice.  With his solo release Kensrue decided to create what amounts to a country album with elements of rock, folk and gospel thrown in the mix.  And you can tell Kensrue is a big fan of those genres, especially in his use of instruments like the harmonica, piano and organ.  With that said, Please Come Home sounds not unlike a younger Johnny Cash, particularly on the track “Blood & Wine” in which Kensrue embodies his own inner outlaw.  The song is an uptempo, lightheated romp telling of a man who’s having trouble going back to honest living after a life on the otherside of the law.  The rest of the songs however, find Kensrue exploring his faith, often writing about God’s love, provision and redemtion.  He also has a nice little love song to his wife.  Overall, Please Come Home as a nice upbeat, uplifting feel to it and when you finish listening, you think to yourself, “I just listened to a country album and it was really good!”

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