My Top 25 Favorite Albums of the Decade – 17

Give Up by The Postal Service

The Postal Service prove creativity while also defying convection, which is what makes Give Up a great album.  If you break down what The Postal Service is, you have four distinct creative contributions.  The two most obvious are Ben Gibbard who provides the voice and Jimmy Tamborello who provides the programing.  Then behind the scenes are the production of Chris Walla and the backing vocals of Jenny Lewis and Jen Wood.   All of these elements come together and create a sound I would describe as electronic music for the masses; a sound that hadn’t really been heard before, but a sound everyone has been unsuccessfully trying to copy ever since.  And what fundamentally made Give Up so different was that The Postal Service wasn’t a band or an artist or anything definitive.  It was two guys writing music and sending files back and forth in the mail.  If it is possible to make an electronic album organically, then The Postal Service have done it.         

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