My Top 25 Favorite Albums of the Decade – 19

Transplants by Transplants

The Transplants combine two somewhat unlikely genres, punk and hip-hop.  But unlike my previous pick, P.O.S. who is a punk influenced hip-hop artist, the Transplants music is actually a fusion of the two genres.  Transplants are made up of singer/guitarist Tim Armstrong of Rancid, drummer Travis Barker of blink-182 and vocalist Rob Aston, former Rancid roadie.  Armstrong provides a lot of Transplants punk sound, not unlike what he’s know for in Rancid.  What makes Transplants different are the beats and Aston’s vocals.  Aston raps like he used to sing a ’80s punk band.  Both Aston and Armstrong’s lyrics are dark, exploring such topics as murder, death, betrayal and drug dealing.  It contrasts nicely though, with the generally upbeat vibe of the music.  The Transplants sound is rounded out by Barker’s solid drumming.  All elements considered this is a wonderfully crafted album and one of the most original I’ve heard.

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