Local Shows Coming Up!

There are some really good local shows coming up here in the Twin Cities over the next couple of weeks. So if you’re looking for a fun time, a way to keep your mind off the cold or you’re just in the mood for some great music then you should definitely check these out!

Halloween Alaska and Haley Bonar:

Back to back nights at The Cedar Cultural Center, Nov. 27 and 28 – 7pm.  Halloween Alaska is excellent live and even though I’ve never seen Haley Bonar live I have a good feeling she puts on a pretty good show.

MN Beatles Project Vol. 1 CD Release Show:

This CD features a number of your favorite Minnesota artists performing their interpretations of The Beatles’ classics.  Those songs will be performed live at First Avenue, Dec. 8 – 6:30pm to celebrate the release of this project.  Some of the artists involved include; Jeremy Messersmith, Roma Di Luna, Romantica, Tim Mahoney, the Anthony Middle School Concert Band and many more.  I don’t know about you but everything about this project sounds incredible!

Dosh (a.k.a. Martin Dosh):

Dosh will be performing at The Cedar Cultural Center, Dec. 18th – 7pm.  If you’ve never seen Dosh live you should really consider coming to this show.  His performance is not unlike that of a DJ, but his music is more on the experimental and electronic side of things. He’s also, often joined on stage by a variety of other musicians; it’s a sight and sound to behold.

Jeremy Messersmith:

You’ll be able to see Jeremy Messersmith along with KaiserCartel and Zoo Animal at The 7th St Entry, Dec. 3 – 8pm.  You’ll probably notice me promoting Jeremy’s music a lot on this blog and my only excuss is because it’s amazing.  This guy is really talented, so come to this show, you won’t be disappointed!

Roma Di Luna:

This is a Xmas Eve Eve Show at The Cedar, Dec. 23 – 7pm.  They will be playing a mix of both holiday and non-holiday songs and will have a limited edition Holiday EP for sale.  These guys are a real treat to see live.  If you happen to be in town I recommend you stop on by.

Brad Senne:

Last but not least we have Brad Senne.  I just heard about this guy from my friends Liz and Eric.  I don’t know too much about him and I’ve never seen him live but based on what I’ve heard I think he’s probably worth checking out.  Brad will be playing the Acadia Cafe on Dec. 15 – 8pm and again at Cafe Maude on Dec. 18,  not sure on the time.  Also, both Acadia and Cafe Maude have great food!

If you end up going to any of these shows I’d love to hear how it went!

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