A couple events going on this weekend in the Twin Cities

Saturday night Jeremy Messersmith will be headlining a show at First Ave with Chris Koza and Greycoat opening.  The night will also feature James Diers of Halloween Alaska covering DJ duties for the night.  Jeremy Messersmith and Chris Koza are both incredible live and get this, if you buy tickets in advance it’s only 5 bucks (8 bucks at the door).  Doors are at 6pm.

Electric Fetus will be having a tent sale this weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am-6pm each day.  This is a great way to get some new music or even get started on some early Christmas shopping, plus you’ll be supporting a great local independent record store and there aren’t many of those left these days.

Note: If you’re planning on going to the Electric Fetus tent sale you better get there fast!  I was there at 11:30 today (friday) and there was already a ton of people, the CDs especially are going to get picked over pretty quickly. 

Whatever you decide to do have a fun safe weekend!

One thought on “A couple events going on this weekend in the Twin Cities

  1. Hey man,

    You should seriously check Greycoats some time. They are great! I think you’ll really like them. Their bassist is hopefully going to record our album over the next year.

    Also, I look forward to your review of the Ra Ra Riot show.



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