Welcome to Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon is a music blog.  More specially it is an outlet for my love of music and will hopefully one day evolve into something more.

The name Reckless Abandon comes from the song “Reckless Abandon” by blink-182.  The song itself is rather vulgar but never-the-less I’ve always liked the name and recently it has taken on a more significant meaning.  I like the idea of living life with “reckless abandon.”  Not in a crazy chaotic sort of way as the song would suggest but more in the sense of living life without boundaries, taking risks, abandoning comfort and having the courage to do what you love.  That is what this is and music is what I love.

Starting out there are a few things you can expect.  My goal is to update Reckless Abandon weekly with music reviews, concert reviews, essays, and the going-ons of the local Minneapolis music scene.   On my other block “A Wood Between the Worlds” I began writing some music reviews but I found issues with how I was going about it.  First of all they were too long.  I don’t want to bore readers.  I want to be able to trim them down a bit without losing any depth (in someways this is also an exercise in writing).  Second, I found I was just reviewing artists I like.  For me that’s great but I realize not everyone likes the same kinds of music I do, so I’m going to try and broaden the artists I review as best I can.  Other than that everything else is up in the air at this point.  This is an experiment.  I have some other ideas up my sleeve but I’ll keep them to myself for now.  If you have an ideas or suggestions please let me know and thanks for joining me on this journey.


I almost forgot.  The Banner for Reckless Abandon was designed by my awesome graphic designer wife Rachel!

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