At times like these, it’s obvious…

For a huge fan of music one of the worst things that can happen is to hear that your favorite band has broken up. Four years ago this happened to me; the band was Blink-182. During the winter of 2005 Blink-182 announced they would be going on “Indefinite Hiatus” which is a polite way of saying they had in fact broken up. I was crushed. Their last album was nothing short of amazing and I had been anxiously awaiting what genius they’d have in store for their next album. Not only that, I’d never had the opportunity to see them live. All that anticipation had vanished with one announcement and I needed answers.

When the announcement was made it was very vague. It seemed as though they had simply decided to call it quits. However, over the next year it would come out that the break up was an ugly one. The band had become divided as a result of irreconcilable differences. On one side there was singer/guitarist Tom Delonge and on the other was singer/bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker.

The division within my favorite band was hard to swallow but in the wake of the break up two new bands were spawned. If there was no more Blink then this was the next best thing. Tom Delonge formed the U2esque rock band Angels and Airwaves (AVA). AVA was a pretty big departure from the signature Blink-182 sound but one of my favorite things about Blink was Delonge’s songwriting and it translated very well into his new band. On the other side there was Hoppus and Barker who formed the electro-pop-punk band (+44). (+44) retained more of the Blink-182 sound and despite the absence of Delonge’s songwriting and guitar, put out a very strong album. It was great to have new music from the Blink boys and I was able to see both AVA and (+44) live which was incredible. In the back of my mind though I couldn’t help but think, I wish these guys would make up and Blink would get back together. Then this past fall one event would change everything.

On September 19, 2008 Travis Barker was critically injured in a plan crash. When I first heard this news I was freaked out. Barker is my favorite drummer of all time and it would have really bummed me out if he had died. Though, several weeks after the crash when it was clear Barker would be okay I started to think about Blink and how it’s things like this that bring people together. The following weeks were met by silence from those in the Blink camp, that is until November 18 when Mark Hoppus wrote a blog stating that he, Tom, and Travis had all spoken together for the first in nearly four years and were beginning to rekindle their friendship. All of a sudden all my hopes had returned. I knew at that time a Blink-182 reunion was inevitable, but I didn’t think it would come for at least a couple of years. From that time until a couple weeks ago rumors swirled and things were said by all parties involved. Then an announcement was made. Blink-182 would be presenting an award at the 2009 Grammy awards marking the first time they’d appear on stage together in over four years. But what did it all mean!? Naturally I made sure I watched the Grammys last Sunday to see what would happen. When Mark, Tom and Travis came out on stage I was on pins and needles. Travis then stated “we used to play music together, and we decided we’re going to play music together again,” with Hoppus adding, “Blink-182 is back!” When I heard those words I got all tingly and emotional. If I hadn’t been amongst friends I think I would have went nuts.

Very shortly after (like minutes after) the appearance at the Grammys a new Blink-182 website was launched with a statement from the band saying they are in fact back, recording a new album and to be on the look out summer 2009.

With all that said, all I can say is BLINK IS BACK!!! And I couldn’t be more excited for whats next in the history of my favorite band.

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