The week in review

This past week was a roller coaster of a week for me musically. Here is a list of the highlights and lowlights:

-Anathallo’s new album Canopy Glow came out this week but not a single record store or store of any kind in the Twin Cities got it. I was majorly disappointed… devastated. Electric Fetus ordered me a copy so hopefully it will get here soon.

-I finally got the new Right Away, Great Captain! Album, The Eventually Home and it’s amazing!!! Review coming soon.

-Dustin Kensrue’s (singer of Thrice) Christmas album came out a day early on amazonmp3 and it was only $7.99. It was a digital release only otherwise I would have gotten a physical copy. It is very good. It’s a little bit early for Christmas music but this might be the first Christmas album I wouldn’t mind listening to year round.

-I finally got Copeland’s new album. I wasn’t able to get it last month when it came out because I was over my CD budget. Then I noticed it was on sale at amazonmp3 for only $3.99. Even though I prefer getting the actual CD I couldn’t resist that price. Maybe if I see them live again I’ll get the physical copy then.

-Just a side note… amazonmp3 > iTunes

-Third Eye Blind is back!!! On the 18th they released their first new material in almost five years, in the form of a three song digital EP called Red Star. This is a prelude to their new full length Ursa Major due out next year. The highlight of the Red Star EP is a song called Non Dairy Creamer. A lot of people have been commenting about how cheesy the lyrics are in this song, but I couldn’t disagree more. On the surface some of the lines do sound cheesy but I feel like the message of the song totally rings true. The song is over the top political and I normally don’t like political songs but this one is great. There are some really strong statements and some really tongue-in-check statements… I just love it. I won’t post all the lyrics because some people might find them offensive but here are some snippets:

“They call it KFC
’cause it’s not really chicken
hot cheetos for breakfast
make a young student sickened
Did you ever think that someone’s tricking you”

The chorus goes:
“What it’s gonna be? Are you real to me? Or are you non-dairy… creamer?

And my favorite line:
“Heard any good joke lately? ‘Cause we sure do need ’em, my punk band’s called operation iraqi freedom”

Lyrics by Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind

And man does this song have the hooks!!! It’s so stinking catchy, I can’t get it out of my head.

-Finally, the biggest music news of the week… drum role please…

All the members of blink 182 are now talking!!! I’m a huge blink 182 fan and when they broke up four years ago I was devastated. I’m not going to bore you with all the details but the fact is this is huge. It doesn’t mean blink 182 is going to get back together but what it does mean that something blink 182 related is bound to happen sometime in the future… and that makes me very excited, especially since I never got to see them live. Also I’m just happy for these guys and that they are finally beginning to rekindle their friendship and putting the past behind them.

Peace Friends

2 thoughts on “The week in review

  1. Have you heard much of the new Copeland CD? I saw it in the store the other day and immediately put it on my Christmas list, but I haven’t heard anything of theirs since In Motion …

  2. I haven’t listened to it a lot yet but at this point I’d say it’s good. It sounds a lot like their last album only better, but not as good as In Motion. I’ll probably post a review of it at some point.

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