The progression of underwear…

Last week I was listening to a podcast of a radio show called Too Beautiful to Live. It’s kind of a lighthearted news show. Anyways they were playing a clip of baseball great George Brett telling a story of a time he pooped his pants in Las Vegas. Needless to say it was hilarious. Then the host of the show told his own story about a time he pooped his pants. Again, hilarious. But hilarity aside there was one thing about the host’s story I particularly connected with. He mentioned around the time he was twelve years old was the time he started to think boxer shorts where cool. That was around the same age I started to think boxer shorts where cool. This coincidence made me wonder if this phenomenon is universal for all guys. I know one of the reasons I was drawn to boxers was that all my friends were starting to wear them. Clearly, at least at that time, it was a trendy thing. But also I think there is something about being that age, puberty is underway, manhood is just around the corner and suddenly briefs just aren’t manly anymore. And what could be more manly than a fine pair of boxers?

The irony of this for me is the fact that by the time I was through high school I realized I hated boxers… so naturally I progressed onto to boxer briefs aka jockey shorts. You get the comfort and support of a brief combined with the manliness of a boxer. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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