Politics Shmolitics

I have just a few words to say about the up coming election. I’m not a fan of soapboxes so I’m going to keep this brief.

I’ve been getting a lot e-mails lately and seeing articles about how “real” Christians or “true” Christians would never vote for Barack Obama. First off I’m not sure what they mean by a “real” Christian or “true” Christian… as far as I’m concerned you’re either a Christian or you’re not, and the rest is up to God. Secondly, comments like that are just outrageous.

My stance is this, I’m a Christian and I’m going to vote for Barack Obama. Why? Two reasons:

I agree with Obama on more issues than McCain.

I think Obama will be a better President in terms of leadership and connecting with the American people.

Do I think Obama is going to dramatically change the world? No.

Do I think Obama is the savior of our crippled country? No.

Do I put my faith in Obama to come through an all he says? No.

My faith is in God, and no matter who Christians decide to vote for and why and no matter who gets elected, I trust that God is control and ultimately the fate of our country is in His hands.

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